Sunday, January 31, 2016

Five Faves From A Local Boutique

Just like any other girl, I love to shop. But, what's even better than finding that perfect item? Finding it at a locally owned store! Shopping corporate can sometimes lead to better deals and discounts, but what I often find when shopping at a name brand store is that it lacks the fun experience you would find at a locally owned business. Building a strong community is so important and when you shop small, you're supporting everyday people just like you all while finding fun, unique pieces that aren't usually found in those name brand stores. 

When I come to boutiques like Frinje, I am always greeted with a friendly welcome. If I have questions, the sales girls help me find exactly what I'm looking for and sometimes they can even spot fun items that I may have overlooked. The girls there are always polite and have a way of making you want to come back over and over again. Naturally, I usually walk out wanting the whole store. So, I decided to do a post all about a local boutique and find five of my favorite items. Finding things I loved wasn't hard at all, but narrowing down the choices to just five was a tough task!

1. All Things Fabulous Dinosaur Sweatshirt $125

First let me just begin by telling you how soft this pullover is! It's amazing. I almost feel like it would be dangerous for me to own it because I would never take it off. Second, let's talk about these dinosaurs! I was sold the second I saw it. Anything that is a little tom-boy is always a fave of mine and this guy is perfect for showcasing some personality! The sweater ran pretty true to size and again, may I comment on how SOFT it is. #I'mInLOVE

2. TOMS Luisa Sunglasses $139

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be difficult. Do you want the over-sized look? A  little retro maybe? How about a cat eye? And then the durability is always a factor. If I feel like the sunglasses could break, then the search continues! Well... I think I found the perfect pair. Meet the Luisa by TOMS! Her 60's inspired shape turns an everyday look into something soft and sophisticated. I really enjoy the clear black tortoise coloring and from past experience, I can promise that this brand is very durable and tends to hold up.

Did you know about the TOMS sunglasses initiative? Just like with their shoes, TOMS believes in giving back. So with every pair of sunglasses purchased, TOMS gives someone in need general medical care, sight-saving surgery, or even a pair of prescription lens! Not only are the Luisa's a great find, but it's nice to know that this purchase will help someone in need.

3. Rebel Footwear Calista's $138

9 out of 10 times I am dressed in all black. Why this happens? I don't know. Black is best and it works with everything. When I first saw these boots, they were their sister pair in grey. I fell in love with them immediately. Not only are the genuine leather and suede, but they're beautiful! Suddenly, like a gift from the shoe God's, I spotted the black pair. Sold. These little booties are perfect for fall or summer. Paired with some dark denim or even a shift dress, these really compliment the look. Plus they are comfortable!! Can I ask for anything more? I mean really, I need them in my closet stat. 

I've been in desperate need of a good tote and I think I may have just found my favorite one! This canvas bag has just enough space for me to carry all of my everyday items and then some! Whether it's as a school bag, a re-usable shopping bag, or maybe even a library bag this guy has so many fun purposes. Plus, I'm a big fan of anything in support of #ShopSmall! Not only is this bag environmentally conscious but it sends out a great message. I'm all about it!

5. ERS Creative Bee Ring 

This little guy was my favorite jewelry find! ERS Creative, dream child of Eilen R Stewart, is an environmentally friendly company who uses recycled materials. Plus all of their jewlery is handmade. Gold plated, this buzzing bumblebee won't tarnish and is adjustable. Finje had a few other pieces from this company including a fox ring and a unicorn bracelet. 

Thanks to all the lovely ladies at Frinje for showing me around the store! It really is a great boutique if you're in the Denver area as a tourist or as a local. With two other locations in Beaver Creek and Vail, Frinje has a wide range of pieces to choose from. I went to the Larimer Square location downtown and was blown away by the colorful scarves, lavish cashmere sweaters, and even some blinged-out pepper spray. The prices vary and there is a little something for everyone of all ages. To follow Frinje click on any of the links below!

Disclaimer: I did not get any sort of compensation to write this. 

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