Sunday, January 31, 2016

Five Faves From A Local Boutique

Just like any other girl, I love to shop. But, what's even better than finding that perfect item? Finding it at a locally owned store! Shopping corporate can sometimes lead to better deals and discounts, but what I often find when shopping at a name brand store is that it lacks the fun experience you would find at a locally owned business. Building a strong community is so important and when you shop small, you're supporting everyday people just like you all while finding fun, unique pieces that aren't usually found in those name brand stores. 

When I come to boutiques like Frinje, I am always greeted with a friendly welcome. If I have questions, the sales girls help me find exactly what I'm looking for and sometimes they can even spot fun items that I may have overlooked. The girls there are always polite and have a way of making you want to come back over and over again. Naturally, I usually walk out wanting the whole store. So, I decided to do a post all about a local boutique and find five of my favorite items. Finding things I loved wasn't hard at all, but narrowing down the choices to just five was a tough task!

1. All Things Fabulous Dinosaur Sweatshirt $125

First let me just begin by telling you how soft this pullover is! It's amazing. I almost feel like it would be dangerous for me to own it because I would never take it off. Second, let's talk about these dinosaurs! I was sold the second I saw it. Anything that is a little tom-boy is always a fave of mine and this guy is perfect for showcasing some personality! The sweater ran pretty true to size and again, may I comment on how SOFT it is. #I'mInLOVE

2. TOMS Luisa Sunglasses $139

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be difficult. Do you want the over-sized look? A  little retro maybe? How about a cat eye? And then the durability is always a factor. If I feel like the sunglasses could break, then the search continues! Well... I think I found the perfect pair. Meet the Luisa by TOMS! Her 60's inspired shape turns an everyday look into something soft and sophisticated. I really enjoy the clear black tortoise coloring and from past experience, I can promise that this brand is very durable and tends to hold up.

Did you know about the TOMS sunglasses initiative? Just like with their shoes, TOMS believes in giving back. So with every pair of sunglasses purchased, TOMS gives someone in need general medical care, sight-saving surgery, or even a pair of prescription lens! Not only are the Luisa's a great find, but it's nice to know that this purchase will help someone in need.

3. Rebel Footwear Calista's $138

9 out of 10 times I am dressed in all black. Why this happens? I don't know. Black is best and it works with everything. When I first saw these boots, they were their sister pair in grey. I fell in love with them immediately. Not only are the genuine leather and suede, but they're beautiful! Suddenly, like a gift from the shoe God's, I spotted the black pair. Sold. These little booties are perfect for fall or summer. Paired with some dark denim or even a shift dress, these really compliment the look. Plus they are comfortable!! Can I ask for anything more? I mean really, I need them in my closet stat. 

I've been in desperate need of a good tote and I think I may have just found my favorite one! This canvas bag has just enough space for me to carry all of my everyday items and then some! Whether it's as a school bag, a re-usable shopping bag, or maybe even a library bag this guy has so many fun purposes. Plus, I'm a big fan of anything in support of #ShopSmall! Not only is this bag environmentally conscious but it sends out a great message. I'm all about it!

5. ERS Creative Bee Ring 

This little guy was my favorite jewelry find! ERS Creative, dream child of Eilen R Stewart, is an environmentally friendly company who uses recycled materials. Plus all of their jewlery is handmade. Gold plated, this buzzing bumblebee won't tarnish and is adjustable. Finje had a few other pieces from this company including a fox ring and a unicorn bracelet. 

Thanks to all the lovely ladies at Frinje for showing me around the store! It really is a great boutique if you're in the Denver area as a tourist or as a local. With two other locations in Beaver Creek and Vail, Frinje has a wide range of pieces to choose from. I went to the Larimer Square location downtown and was blown away by the colorful scarves, lavish cashmere sweaters, and even some blinged-out pepper spray. The prices vary and there is a little something for everyone of all ages. To follow Frinje click on any of the links below!

Disclaimer: I did not get any sort of compensation to write this. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


How to make a resolution...

Think about all the things you could be doing (should be doing) when you're not doing anything. Get on pinterest and search slender bodies and workout regiments that you might do (not really). Maybe run. Maybe eat less. Or maybe just eat better. Watch that new Chelsea Handler special on Netflix and then secretly wish you were that unapologetically funny or that you could travel to Peru too or that you didn't care what everyone thought or maybe all of the above. Be ridiculous and find a life mantra. Decide that you're mantra is "Fuck It" and just do whatever you want to do. Read more. Smile more. Get your nose pierced. Get a haircut. Spend all your money and then try and implement a budget that you won't ever follow. Call your mom. Call your aunt. Call your best friend. Ask advice and then don't follow any of it. Decide to just be happy. Maybe to just have a better year than the last.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Social Post

"it's fall yall"

According to Starbucks, it's officially fall, also known as my favorite season. Finally I can use the term "sweater weather" and indulge in everything pumpkin flavored. Falling in love with fall... not to be cheesy. But, it's the perfect time of the year. Between the flannels and the falling leaves, I am all smiles. 

"you've got a gypsy soul and you were made for leavin"

I've never been able to sit still in one place for too long. Even when I was younger, I knew that the world was huge and as long as I had shoes on my feet there wasn't much that could hold me back from seeing all that there was to see. 
This year I want to travel more. See more. Do more. Maybe go to California or New York? Take a trip down to New Orleans? When was the last time I did something for the first time? So I'm planning on pinching a few pennies and going anywhere and everywhere . Because why not?

"the etc."

Nothing much has changed since my last social post. I'm still trying to read more, but now I'm writing a little here and there. Falling in love with the way words sound and how a certain string of sentences can make me feel so much. I'm also trying to stay positive and happy. Which sometimes means learning to say this fucking sucks but, I'm okay. Learning to be happy and learning to love your life is exciting and fun. And it can sometimes hurt, but sometimes it can also feel really inspiring. 
Also, on another note, two things have happened to me recently. 
One - I watched the lunar eclipse with my grandmother. It's crazy to watch something so beautiful and insanely spectacular on your front porch with someone you love. It's magic. 
Two - I will be buying my first car soon. Something tells me I'll be buying a Jeep... which isn't a thought I ever had. But, I got to ride in a jeep the other night, just for a moment. The doors were off and it made me nervous, but I also felt free. Another kind of magic.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nineteen Going On Twenty.

 Nineteen is a countdown. It's a blur of familiar places, people, and things. Nineteen is failing and falling and learning how to get back up (over & over & over again). It's a waitress, a drive thru, and a bicycle shop. It's sneaking into bars and drinking with strangers who then become friends. It tastes like heartbreak and cheap vodka. Nineteen looks like that girl you knew, but don't really recognize anymore. It's the color lavender and it smells like smoke. It's a rough patch. Nineteen sounds a lot like "temporary". It also sounds a lot like "I'm sorry" and "I love you." It's waking up one morning with a gut feeling (trust that). It's a change of plans and it makes everyone uneasy. Nineteen… hurt. A lot. It's freedom that you don't know what to do with. It's road trips and laughter and dollar store sunglasses. It's Coors Lite and Fireball. It's parked cars and skinny boys. Nineteen tricks you into thinking you don't need anyone, that your alone and alive and surviving and then it smacks you in the face and you miss your mom, your sister, home cooked meals, and maybe even the sound of the word "home." Nineteen looks very similar to eighteen, seventeen, and sixteen, but it traded a solo cup for a shot glass and credibility for cancelled plans. Nineteen was not falling in love, but falling for something familiar. It was wild and it was fun and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Nineteen is who I am today. I still have brown hair and green eyes. I'm the same girl, just maybe not the same anymore. I loved, I lost, and I learned this year. Nineteen broke me, but it also made me stronger. I'm the same girl…just maybe not the same anymore.

"But the best people you will ever meet have wandered off their track, found themselves along the way & have no need to wander back"

In twenty days, I will be twenty years old. I used to think that twenty was synonymous with the word "adult" and meant freedom. Now, it sounds more like another word for "panic attack" and means rent, rules, and responsibility. Twenty scares the shit out of me. It's the deep end of the pool and for some reason I feel like I forgot how to swim. There's this fear of drowning, but I'm being pushed in the water. Sink or swim. I hope twenty feels like coming up for air and realizing that I  knew how to swim the whole time.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Social Post

Other than making big girl decisions, I haven't been up to a whole lot lately. That is I've been drinking coffee while drifting through my tumblr and pinterest, finding little gems here and there. I couldn't think of anything to write about, so instead I thought I'd just put together a few of my favorite pins. So here she is, my social post. 

"think good thoughts"

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when there's so much negative energy around you, but it's important to look for the silver lining on your "this fucking sucks" dark cloud. I've been pinning various "positive" quotes, trying to keep a good mindset. Happiness isn't something that's easy to come by. It's something you have to continually work for and strive for. So, whenever life seems to fall apart and you feel like giving up, just remember that even your worst day is only 24 hours long and you are stronger than you think. Wash away all those bad feelings and do something that makes you happy. 

"lavender lady"

I've never been one to play it safe when it comes to my hair. Lately, I've been on a lavender kick and I have a feeling that sometime soon I will have silvery-purple hair yet again. There's something about soft pastels that I love and I think lavender is a fun way to mix things up.
 I tried it one time before and I absolutely loved it. However, I do NOT recommend doing this at home. After copious amount of bleach and all sorts of different hair products, my hair was purple, but it was also damaged and fried. I've had to go through a lot of treatments and money trying to get my hair back to the the way it was before.  I can promise you that whenever I do decide to take the purple plunge, I will have it done professionally by someone I trust.

"the miscellaneous" 

Clustered together, I didn't know exactly what category to put these into. They have no place but, they make me happy while reminding me that I desperately need a new pair of Burkenstocks. I also need to start painting more. It's something I once put down and never picked back up. Some other pins are just little lovelies for my next bedroom which I am very excited to start decorating. And then, just a small reminder to do what you like and like what you do.