Thursday, January 28, 2016


How to make a resolution...

Think about all the things you could be doing (should be doing) when you're not doing anything. Get on pinterest and search slender bodies and workout regiments that you might do (not really). Maybe run. Maybe eat less. Or maybe just eat better. Watch that new Chelsea Handler special on Netflix and then secretly wish you were that unapologetically funny or that you could travel to Peru too or that you didn't care what everyone thought or maybe all of the above. Be ridiculous and find a life mantra. Decide that you're mantra is "Fuck It" and just do whatever you want to do. Read more. Smile more. Get your nose pierced. Get a haircut. Spend all your money and then try and implement a budget that you won't ever follow. Call your mom. Call your aunt. Call your best friend. Ask advice and then don't follow any of it. Decide to just be happy. Maybe to just have a better year than the last.

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