Sunday, September 27, 2015

Social Post

"it's fall yall"

According to Starbucks, it's officially fall, also known as my favorite season. Finally I can use the term "sweater weather" and indulge in everything pumpkin flavored. Falling in love with fall... not to be cheesy. But, it's the perfect time of the year. Between the flannels and the falling leaves, I am all smiles. 

"you've got a gypsy soul and you were made for leavin"

I've never been able to sit still in one place for too long. Even when I was younger, I knew that the world was huge and as long as I had shoes on my feet there wasn't much that could hold me back from seeing all that there was to see. 
This year I want to travel more. See more. Do more. Maybe go to California or New York? Take a trip down to New Orleans? When was the last time I did something for the first time? So I'm planning on pinching a few pennies and going anywhere and everywhere . Because why not?

"the etc."

Nothing much has changed since my last social post. I'm still trying to read more, but now I'm writing a little here and there. Falling in love with the way words sound and how a certain string of sentences can make me feel so much. I'm also trying to stay positive and happy. Which sometimes means learning to say this fucking sucks but, I'm okay. Learning to be happy and learning to love your life is exciting and fun. And it can sometimes hurt, but sometimes it can also feel really inspiring. 
Also, on another note, two things have happened to me recently. 
One - I watched the lunar eclipse with my grandmother. It's crazy to watch something so beautiful and insanely spectacular on your front porch with someone you love. It's magic. 
Two - I will be buying my first car soon. Something tells me I'll be buying a Jeep... which isn't a thought I ever had. But, I got to ride in a jeep the other night, just for a moment. The doors were off and it made me nervous, but I also felt free. Another kind of magic.

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